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COFFEE HARVESTING Quality coffee begins with its harvest and initial processing

How is coffee harvested?

Two harvesting systems are used most widely in coffee growing:

Picking: Coffee picking is a totally manual harvesting process in which the ripe cherries are selected and picked one by one, requiring pickers to pass through the crop several times. This yields a more uniform, high-quality crop.

Stripping: Coffee stripping is a process that may be manual or mechanised, in which all the fruit is removed in one go when it's of average ripeness. It often requires a further check to eliminate impurities and under-ripe or already fermented cherries.


January  2009

Since 2009 our company has been registered as veteran owned and operated.  See how we're making our company better and our local community stronger.

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I love that's they're right here in Hamilton City.  Great people and friendly service eveytime I go.


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